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- Vikki C.

“I have been EXTREMELY impressed not only with your incredibly professional resources – video, print, html, graphics, etc. but most importantly – your incredible service level. The responsiveness of the Beavercreek staff has been the shining light of this conversion. The resources you provide – with minimal effort and time on my part (since pre conversion, conversion and post conversion my time has been taken by numerous other issues – has felt like I have had a Beavercreek representative sitting beside me assisting me all the way. The quality of the material, the immense amount of material to choose from, the fact that you can edit branded videos – almost on the fly, provide an immense amount of helpful resources for our customers AND get a team of dedicated people who seem to work only for Regent Bank ☺ - for a cost that we would need to spend triple if not quadruple for if we were to attempt to do it ourselves – is incredible!” - Vikki C.

- Jenny B.

“Our videos with Beavercreek have added a new educational dimension to our web site. They are our partners and proactively roll out videos for the ever-evolving products and services our bank offers. They are quick with their turnaround time as well, most recently creating a custom branded video for us on Mobile Banking that took a week to create, from start to finish. Thanks, Beavercreek, for all you do to make us look good!” - Jenny B.

- Jo S.

“You guys are FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for your quick turn-around. ” - Jo S.

- Cheryl T.

“Money IQ is simple, simple, simple! I love it.” - Cheryl T.

- Kris L.

“Once again Beavercreek comes through! You guys rock!” - Kris L.

- Sue K.

“I’ve just got to say....I am so impressed with and grateful to you. You are incredible to work with. Thank you for coming through for us so quickly again!!! We shared the Mobility module with our Managers and Admin yesterday during our meeting and I / they were most impressed....as well as very pleased with the Mobility product. Again, thank you.” - Sue K.

- Carole K.

““Beavercreek has been an excellent resource for Watertown Savings Bank. They understand our needs, keep our materials fresh, and are proactive regarding upcoming relevant messages to our customers.”” - Carole K.

- Brian H.

“I’m absolutely delighted. Please put a mark in your “delighted customers today” score card. ” - Brian H.


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