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CheckFree RXP

We provide a complete marketing and education program to assist clients with conversions to CheckFree RXP products, and offer you fully customized content to communicate these great services to consumers.


We Are Here to Help

Our marketing consultants are here to help you choose the right strategies and materials to educate your front-line staff and consumers about the advantages of online bill pay. You can count on our expertise for designing a successful and professional plan.


Staff Training

Staff education is crucial to your success with bill pay adoption. Each employee should have a solid understanding of your products and be able to answer questions properly. We provide a free PowerPoint presentation that can be customized to meet your neeeds.


Marketing Materials

We offer fully customizable marketing materials to help you communicate with consumers. We'll help you meet your branding requirements and deliver content that highlights the most important features of the program.


Online Communication Tools

Communication with consumers is important and educational. Our online products are there when people need them and can help reduce your printing and mailing costs. A customized web landing page links people to the information they need, and our deeply branded Online Education Center product videos are always current and instructional.


Risk Assistant

Our Risk Assistant Tool is designed to help financial institutions with the complex and ongoing task of completing risk assessments for your online banking products.

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Help With Timeline, Strategies

To ensure a successful rollout, our consultants will assist you in developing unique timelines, budgets and strategies. We are on-call to answer your questions and share ideas that have proven to be successful with other financial instutitions.


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