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Retail Online


Beavercreek Marketing is here to help you with your transition to Retail Online. We have developed a comprehensive program that will educate your front line staff and consumers about the advantages of Online Banking. The key to a successful transition is offering clear, concise and consistent communication with your staff and your consumers. Fully customized consumer education materials are available, including an Online Education Center that effectively orients and educates consumers about the benefits and use of Retail Online.

Our marketing consultants are here to help answer questions you might have as well as help you choose the right strategies and materials. We’re proud of the high level of assistance we bring to each of our marketing and education programs. You can count on Beavercreek Marketing for expertise in designing a successful and professional plan for Retail Online. We’re here to help.

Marketing Consulting

Our marketing consultants can help answer questions and choose the right strategies. You can Count on Beavercreek Marketing for expertise in designing a successful and professional plan.

Kick-Off Marketing Workshop

A private workshop presented by us, with help from the Fiserv transition team will take you through the process of building a marketing and communication plan. With your key staff, we will go over goals, compliance, training, marketing materials, and a timeline.

Custom Marketing Strategy with Timeline

We will work with you to develop a rollout timeline, and help you identify goals, training issues and key objectives leading up to a launch.

Marketing Materials

A professionally designed suite of sample marketing materials, available with full branding customization for your specific financial institution. Each piece plays a role in building a successful transition campaign. If you would like to order any of the materials, discuss the best way to build your campaign, or want assistance in determining what components are right for your financial institution, feel free to call, or fill our the form at the bottom on this page. We’re here to help.


Online Banking Risk Assistant

This easy-to-use online software leads you through the topics and considerations for each product, allowing you to calculate risk on an intuitive matrix. You can assign risk categories to departments, make notes, create follow-up alerts and turn the enormous job of Risk Assessment into manageable tasks.

Talk to your Beavercreek consultant about bringing the power of Online Risk Assessments to your financial institution.

View the Risk Assistant

Staff Training

Staff Training PowerPoint

We’ll provide you with PowerPoint presentations that can be Customized so you can train staff about the new online banking system.

Staff Training Handout Template

We’ll also provide you with a training template that can be handed out to your staff. The template can be edited to include details specific to your financial institution.


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