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Identity Theft Education Program
Available exclusively to Fiserv financial institutions

With the 2012 FFIEC guidance, financial institutions have a responsibility to educate consumers and businesses about identity theft prevention. Beavercreek Marketing delivers a turnkey, multi-channel ID Theft Education Program designed to simplify this ongoing task.

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What materials are available?

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Step 3: What materials are available?
Beavercreek offers a multi-channel program to deliver your ID theft education. We have selected the most cost-effective forms of communicating with both consumers and businesses:

Statement Inserts

Quarterly statement inserts focus on specific security issues relating to ID Theft prevention. They deliver clear, simple steps that consumers and businesses can take to protect themselves from identity theft. Statement inserts are important to reach customers/members that do not regularly visit your Website.

Consumer Statement Inserts - Click Images to Preview

C1-I C2-I C3-I C4-I C5-I C6-I C7-I C8-I

Business Statement Inserts - Click Images to Preview

B1-I B2-I B3-I B4-I B5-I B6-I B7-I B8-I



Email is another low cost method of communication, designed to reinforce the same quarterly topics from your statement inserts. These are ideal for reaching out to customers/members who are enrolled for eStatements and online banking. Our professional email service features the following:

Consumer Emails - Click Images to Preview

C1-E C2-E C3-E C4-E C5-E C6-E C7-E C8-E

Business Emails - Click Images to Preview

B1-E B2-E B3-E B4-E B5-E B6-E B7-E B8-E


Web Landing Pages

Web landing pages offer an easy way to deliver and update your ID theft education. These landing pages are the hubs of your educational efforts. Statements inserts, email blasts, and web banner ads should all point to these informational pages. The following Web templates, copy and graphics are available for use at no charge with a 4 campaign minimum purchase of ID Theft materials. Beavercreek will provide you with the files for easy importing into your own website. Note that these templates are sample designs and can be modified and updated as you choose. Additional fees may be charged by your Webmaster or hosting company to add this information to your website.

The videos within these sample landing pages are only available to Online Education Center subscribers. Linked and API banner ads are also available to our Online Education Center subscribers.

Consumer Web Landing Page

Click Image to Browse

Business Web Landing Page

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A series of consumer and business ID Theft educational videos are available through the Online Education Center.

If you are subscribed to these OEC videos, you can begin delivering your ID theft education immediately and track your results.

Best uses of your Online Education Center tutorials include:

  1. Embed multiple ID theft education videos for consumer and business right into your Web landing pages. The Web landing page templates include sample uses of the embedded video. Beavercreek offers OEC subscribers free assistance with embedding videos into your website.
  2. Use "video emails" to deliver ID theft education videos to customers/members and businesses. It’s easy to do and allows you to track all videos viewed.
  3. Access your video tracking reports at the Client Info Center to document all views of the ID theft videos.

Contact Beavercreek Marketing for information.

Consumer ID Theft Videos

Flash Content

Business ID Theft Videos (Provided by the FTC)

Flash Content


Other Tools

The following tools are available at no charge with a 4 campaign or more purchase of ID Theft materials:



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