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If we have embedded videos on our website are they automatically updated when you have updates to the video?
Once an updated video is “published” it automatically replaces the old version with the new video, even if you have multiple embed players for that video. For universal updates, Beavercreek will publish updated videos for you. For all other updates, we provide you with the update notice to log on and view. Just click “publish” to update whenever you are ready to go live with the updated video. Once the update has been applied it will be reflected in your video embeds within approximately 2-3 hours.

Do we need to ask Beavercreek for embed codes for each video, or is there a location where these are available to get them as needed?
Beavercreek can create any embed codes you need free of charge. Just call your Beavercreek consultant, or contact Tonya Howell at 308-381-0311 x241.

Do you have videos yet or coming soon for treasury services?
Absolutely. We have detailed video tutorials and click-thru demos for most of the Fiserv treasury services.

You mentioned additional Card Services videos - do you have any credit card videos in development?
We currently have debit card videos and will be adding a general credit card video to the OEC later this year. Several credit card educational videos are currently available through Money IQ (OEC Pro subscription).

We are a Fiserv client but do not utilize their online banking product. We use the CardValet tools you provide - what other products might we be able to use? For instance Mobile Wallet - does that stand alone like CardValet as we use Fiserv also for this service.
We have a special package for Fiserv Card Services that includes all card services related videos for the price of an OEC Single Module. This also includes Mobile Wallet and any new future card services videos as they are added.

Can we link directly to a specific video lesson within a module - for example, if I wanted to link to "how to deposit a check" within the mobile app module?
We can create an embed banner for you to point to a specific video lesson, such as the mobile deposit lesson.
If you choose to link away to the OEC site rather than use the video embeds, then there are some restrictions for linking to individual video lessons. Contact us to assist with embedding or linking to specific lessons.

With the new focus on ADA compliance for websites, are the videos and demos ADA compliant?
All Beavercreek Marketing videos come with an imbedded closed caption layer that can be enabled by the user in all of our video players, and the lobby display app. All video banners have alt tags by default, that can be modified by a client or by Beavercreek Marketing. Several updates have already been implemented to the OEC pages, players and other tools to make them more accessible. The Department of Justice is expected to release an official ADA website accessibility regulation in 2018. However, we are not waiting to implement additional accessibility features based off of the evolving interpretations of existing guidelines. Please contact us if you have any questions or come across any issues regarding ADA compliance with any of the Beavercreek content or players.



Does the new interactive feature that presents menu action items also work on the embedded videos?
Yes. All the new interactive video player features work within the embed players as well as when accessed from mobile devices. Contact your Beavercreek consultant for assistance with customizing and upgrading to the interactive forms. Available to all OEC Plus or Pro subscribers.


Can you talk more about ways to promote OEC videos on social media?
Social media is perfect for financial education of all kinds – product education, fraud alerts, ID theft prevention, financial literacy. It’s simple to post OEC and Money IQ videos and text with the OEC Plus and Pro packages.

Does this work for LinkedIn as well? Or just Facebook/Twitter?
Our Social Media Manager currently works with Facebook and Twitter. We are looking to integrate with other social media platforms, including Linkedin.

For the social media platforms are there plans for Instagram? (I know they are very picky with their API)
See above response. Instagram would be a nice addition.

If we outsource our Social Media, can they use these Money IQ videos on our Social Media?
Yes. You can easily authorize a third-party provider by contacting Beavercreek to allow access.


For the eNewsletter, are we able to dictate whose email it comes from for replies, and can we update the newsletter with our own brand?
Certainly. Everything in the OEC and Money IQ is branded for your financial institution. Your emails are branded the way you want during our initial set-up and branding process.

As a consumer, I would be aggravated at receiving emails or social media intrusive "suggestion" posts. Is there a way to opt out as a consumer or customer?
Yes. All emails sent from the OEC email system automatically have an opt-out or “unsubscribe” link. In fact this cannot be removed as it is required by the CAN-SPAM act. All unsubscribes are locked out so you cannot accidently send an email to that address for that purpose. Social content is posted to your own financial institution social media sites so it is non-intrusive to your customers.

Can we promote our other products as well through the OEC digital channels?
Very good question and the answer is yes. You can use the OEC Digital Marketing Platform to deliver campaigns you create. For example, you can deliver a CD rate promotion using our email and social media tools. Or you can combine your own content with Beavercreek’s content that is preloaded into the system.


What hardware do I need to play OEC and Money IQ videos on our lobby TV displays?
All you need is a TV connected to an Apple TV box. Beavercreek’s proprietary Digital Media Display program and our free Apple TV apps are available to all OEC Plus or Pro subscribers.


How do we get access to our SEO?
The OEC and Money IQ are optimized to boost your search engine results automatically, so no action is needed. The pages and content are built to be easily accessible to search engine crawlers. Search engines, especially Google, place a high priority on video content which boosts your result rankings. The OEC also increases SEO by adding relevant and updated content to your site, as well as provide strong domain relationships and reputations. This is automatically built-in to every OEC and Money IQ.


If I am currently an OEC Pro subscriber, when will the Money IQ Business videos appear in my dashboard?
Please contact your consultant to activate your Business Money IQ content.


Is there a way to find out if our financial institution has the Plus or Pro package already? What is the price?
Please contact your Beavercreek consultant at 308-381-0311 or send an email with your request to info@beavercreekmarketing.com.



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