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The #1 marketing and training tool built exclusively for Fiserv financial institutions. Featuring a suite of video tutorials that deliver ongoing product training to your customers and staff. Fiserv has teamed up with Beavercreek Marketing to offer the Online Education Center (OEC) – a turn- key education and marketing resource that enables your financial institution to hit the ground running with educational and marketing videos that accurately reflect your Fiserv end-user facing products. The Online Education Center is a fully hosted solution that is deeply branded for your financial institution and provides 24/7 unlimited access to video tutorials throughout your website and through online banking applications.

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Powerful Features

Product education and adoption taken to a whole new level — combining a step-by-step tutorial with incredibly deep branding to perfectly reflect the appearance and functionality of your online services. Updated continuously, keeping pace with every new version and feature pack release.

Why Video Marketing? 

Video marketing is a uniquely effective way to drive adoption. It combines the two most powerful channels of communication - sight and sound - to build comfort with online services. The proof is in the enhanced adoption rate of online services at our client financial institutions.




Staff Training

An amazing set of tools to provide valuable Staff Training in an auditable environment. From PowerPoint presentations to product videos, and training manuals to compliance information, the Staff Training Center not only gives you a centralized repository for training materials - it provides tracking to prove that training has taken place.

Multi-channel Distribution

Put your education wherever your consumers are - on the web, on mobile devices, in their email, on social media or in the lobby. Videos can be embedded seamlessly into your website. Easily accessed through a phone or tablet. Integrated into an email newsletter. Posted to social media sites. Or, played on a television in your lobby

Client Interface & Reporting

The tools we put into your hands make the OEC match your Fiserv product deployments perfectly. You control the branding and content. You decide when to publish your tutorials. Best of all, you can track views across time and product.

OEC Kiosk & Click-Thru Demos

With just an iPad or other touch screen device, you can be up and running with an in-branch kiosk solution. Interactive click-thru demos combined with videos and call to action buttons take engagement a step further. It is the perfect tool for staff guided demos in the branch. It also works great for staff training and as an interactive embed banner for your website. 




The OEC delivers product and ID theft education which helps you comply with FFIEC and other regulatory guidelines. The OEC is a proven way to satisfy multiple requirements and guidelines that make audits stressful and difficult.


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